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Low Emissions, Great Savings, and Huge Impact with JCB 19C-1E Electric Compact Excavator

February 27, 2024

Low Emissions, Great Savings, and Huge Impact with JCB 19C-1E Electric Compact Excavator

JCB has developed the first ever electric digger that has zero emissions at point of use.

Known for its remarkably low noise, this machine can work indoors, underground, and close to people in urban areas.

The 1.9 tonne mini excavator has multiple charge options, and is comparable to its diesel counterpart, the 19C, in terms of its dig envelope, performance, and options.

19C-1E electric mini excavator 5

Some of its class leading levels of safety include:

  • Zero emissions
  • Low noise
  • Unique to-go system
  • Full control isolation
  • JCB Livelink telematics and immobilizer
  • Optional green beacons
  • 10 tie down points

When you choose to add a JCB 19C-1E to your fleet, you’re choosing savings, productivity, quiet, safety, and durability.

Choose Savings.

Featuring maintenance-free batteries, the 19C-1E needs minimal daily checks and requires less servicing, which saves you money. No diesel engine means you reduce your service needs. There are no engine liquids to check, saving you time and money. No emissions and savings on fossil fuels make this an economical choice. Plus, Williams JCB is currently offering some great promotions, listed below, so you can save even more on a new compact excavator.

Choose Productivity.

The 19C-1E gives you the freedom to work anywhere, anytime with quick charging and a long battery life. The machine features three charge options: 110V, 230V, and 415V. You can keep track of your battery status via a gauge on the instrument panel.

19C-1E Blue

Choose Quiet.

The 19C-1E is 10dB quieter than its diesel counterpart, making it ideal when working in urban areas or indoors. Maximize your time on site and speed up the job thanks to the 19C-1E’s safe, quiet operation. A blue indicator light displays that the machine is operational, so you know when the machine is on.

Choose Safety.

The 19C-1E is safer for the environment, safer for operators, and safer for bystanders. Other than the zero emissions and low noise levels, the 19C-1E operates free of trailing tethers, and its unique 2GO system isolates all controls. The canopy is ROPS, TOPS, and FOGS certified, offering full safety compliance.

Choose Durability.

As with all JCB compact excavators, the JCB 19C-1E is designed to handle the toughest job sites, built with long lasting components for minimum downtime. This includes a 100% steel bodywork for maximum protection and easy repair, an electric circuit that has been tested extensively to maximize longevity, a full width rear-cast counterweight, protecting sites from damage, and solid steel extending undercarriage beams.

Choose sustainability, and take advantage of some great promotions:

Clean BC

Clean BC rebate – Get $2000 off!

The 19C-1E qualifies for a Clean BC rebate, which means you can get a rebate of up to $2000 off when you purchase a new 19C-1E with us.

The CleanBC program is funded by the government of British Columbia, incentivizing greener choices.

Click this link to see which of our equipment is eligible for this promotion.

Take 5 Image

Take 5 or 5.

You’re automatically a winner with our Take 5 promotion, eligible for select JCB mini excavators, including the 19C-1E. Take your pick from the following options:

Option 1: Get 0% financing for 60 months (5 years) or

Option 2: Get 5 years/3000 hours warranty coverage and a cash rebate of up to $7,500.

Offer available for a limited time. Get in touch with our team for more details.

Did you know...

All JCB mini excavators are designed to excel in comfort, reliability, maneuverability, serviceability, and performance?

The following excavators are also eligible for our Take 5 promotion:

JCB 18Z-1 Compact Excavator
Track Length: 62.1 in
Bucket Capacity: 0.5 cu yd
Horsepower: 21.9 hp
JCB 19C-1 Compact Excavator
Bucket Capacity: 2.1 cu yd
Horsepower: 14.4 hp
JCB 19C-1E Electric Compact Excavator
Track Length: 62.0 in
Bucket Capacity: 0.2 cu yd
Horsepower: 19.8 hp
JCB 35Z-1 Compact Excavator
Track Length: 81.0 in
Bucket Capacity: 0.8 cu yd
Horsepower: 23.1 hp
JCB 50Z-1 Compact Excavator
Track Length: 98.0 in
Bucket Capacity: 0.8 cu yd
Horsepower: 48.0 hp
JCB 55Z-1 Compact Excavator
Track Length: 78.1 in
Horsepower: 44.3 hp
JCB 85Z-2 Compact Excavator
Horsepower: 60.8 hp
JCB 86C-2 Compact Excavator
Track Length: 91.5 in
Bucket Capacity: 0.8 cu yd
Horsepower: 173.0 hp
JCB 90Z-2 Compact Excavator
Track Length: 91.5 in
Bucket Capacity: 0.8 cu yd
Horsepower: 60.0 hp
JCB 100C-2 Compact Excavator
Track Length: 1161.1 in
Bucket Capacity: 2.1 cu yd
Horsepower: 60.9 hp

Get in touch with our sales team and see which compact excavator is the right fit for your needs and your business.


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With Williams JCB, you can support reforestation efforts too, and help us leave our planet a better place.

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To execute this, we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted as part of our commitment to reforestation and environmental sustainability.